Working with one of our Futura partners using our method will give you help to describe, calculate and cope with the uncertainty within your project, wether it be in the Construction, Oil, IT or another industry.

After having an initial meeting with the project owner(s) were we receive key information about the project (budget/timeline etc.), we help facilitate a group process that results in a clearer picture of the project.

Process Overview

The Futura process is distinctive in its use of multi-disciplinary analysis teams. Key personnel are encouraged to sit down and work together. All opinions and viewpoints are considered. Some of the participants will bring specialist knowledge about the task. Others will bring balance or an external perspective. The uncertainty analysis workshop itself is led by one or more neutral facilitators. Workshops typically last a total of two-three days depending on the size of the project.

Qualitive Analysis

The qualitative part of the analysis comprises scene setting, issues brainstorming and structuring structuring as well as ‘scenario analysis’. Scenario analysis requires the team to discuss the base case assumptions for each task, together with the related opportunities and risks. The aim is to share experiences, to look at the situation from every angle, and to develop a comprehensive and imaginative description of future uncertainty.


Quantitative analysis and modeling stage
Having described the task in qualitative terms, the modelling stage of the Futura process enables statistical analyses of cost, time, profitability, etc. The base case scenario is modelled first, followed by the addition of the overall influences from the opportunities and risks that were identified during the qualitative analysis stage. Uncertainty of the input variables is expressed as ‘triple estimates’ – minimum, maximum and the most likely values. Each model generates a probability distribution of the overall result and an uncertainty profile of the key uncertainties in priority order.

Action Planning
Following the qualitative and modeling stages, the analysis team turns its attention to action planning and uncertainty management. The uncertainty profile with the identified key elements in order of priority, makes it possible to focus your attention on the aspects which will actually make a difference to the future outcome of your project.

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