The FuturaOne Consultancy Network is based in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Our consultants are fully trained and accredited by FuturaOne to carry out uncertainty analyses and training in the Futura process.

We have many years of risk/uncertainty analysis consultancy experience across a wide range
of industries and the public sector, and in
many different countries. Assignments include uncertainty analyses of cost, schedule and profitability for capital projects as well as risk assessment of organisational change initiatives and corporate/business planning.

Besides the provision of consultancy to companies and organisations wishing to carry out Futura uncertainty/risk analyses, we also supply our Futura Nova software tool and the necessary training to enable clients to use the approach themselves.

The Challenge

Uncertainty is unavoidable in business planning and projects, but the comprehensive overview generated by the Futura process helps you turn it into an opportunity rather than a threat.

The Solution

The Futura process is a structured, top-down uncertainty analysis methodology which is distinctive for its multi- disciplinary workshop approach. Results are obtained which are as accurate as possible, but with the minimum of effort.

The Benefits

Use of the Futura process from the beginning of your business venture or project reveals the truth, gives you control of the situation, and enables you to identify, mitigate and manage
the key risks. This is possibly the closest you can come to your goal of no cost overruns or delays.

FuturaOne specialises in the assessment of uncertainty and risk.

We can offer you:

  • Consultancy
  • Training
  • Software

Futura International is a consultancy group based in Northern Europe and Scandinavia. Dedicated to the development of effective methodologies for the assessment of uncertainty and risk, we have many years of experience across a wide range of industries, from massive offshore oil projects through to complex software developments.

Clients/users of the approach include Saab, Ericsson, Kockums, Selvaagbygg AS, Forsvarsbygg, Kværner Oil & Gas AS Field Development, ConocoPhillips, BAe Systems and Aon Risk Consulting.

Typical Applications

The Futura Method for a variety of tasks, including:

  • Corporate planning
  • New product development
  • Profitability analysis
  • Life cycle value
  • Bid development and strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Estimating where detailed information isunavailable
  • Checking the realism of ‘bottom-up’ estimates and plans
  • Schedule uncertainty analysis
  • Contingency assessment
  • Investment planning
  • Team building/alignment workshops
  • Overall progress monitoring