Here is the new version of Futura Nova 4.8

This new update, Futura Nova 4.8, offers several new features and some minor bugfixes. You are for instance now able to enter the Minimum and Maximum values in a Budget model as 10% and 90% fractiles instead of the default 1% and 99%, which is a functionality some of our clients have been wanting for a while.


New features and functionality:

  • New spell­checker functionality for use everywhere in the tool apart from Issue Grouping (but spell­checking on the Issues Matrix works). Simply use Ctrl + K to trigger the spell­check – see page 3 for further details.
  • New functionality to enter the Minimum and Maximum values in a Budget model as 10% and 90% fractiles (P10 and P90) rather than as absolute minimum and absolute maximum values. If this option is checked, Futura Nova estimates the extreme minimum and maximum values based on the P10/ most likely and P90 values – see page 4 for further details.
  • A new Activity Input window similar to the Budget Item Input window which allows the activity description and the related triple estimate of duration to be entered without having to close the Description window first – see page 5 for further details.
  • Improved S ­Curve graphics for small duration projects.
  • S­ Curve comparison curve added for schedule analysis results (identical to the
    Budget comparison curve, but with the ability to show dates along the x­axis).
  • Faster data saving in Budget and Schedule modelling via new ‘Save and Close’ buttons.
  • Scalable Tornado plots (Uncertainty Profiles) which enable longer Activity names or Budget Items and Factors to be displayed without being truncated – see page 6 for further details.
  • An updated help file.

If you have a valid license, you can download the install files from the client section. by everyone with a valid license.

If you have questions about the software, how to install it or if you want to license it, please contact us.